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We are the first choice

Assess to Lift is known as being the first choice for forklift training on the Central Coast. This was made possible through word of mouth alone. Our students are so happy with our services, they don’t want their friends or family going anywhere else!

Our trainers and assessors have extensive industry experience with much of the team having a history of working with each other in the vocational education training space for over a decade. As a result of hard and consistent work, our team has become highly regarded by both individuals and industry across the Central Coast, Newcastle, and Sydney regions.

We limit our bookings to a maximum of six students per class. This cap on class numbers guarantees student access to practical resources and ensures that each student receives the attention they need and deserve to build their knowledge and skills.

Each student who enrols with us is treated with dignity. Individual differences are embraced and respected by our team members.

We offer a real-world training experience

We have two forklifts which gives students the opportunity to focus on practical skill development as well as build transfer skills to be applied in the workplace. This not only extends to adapting to different makes and models, but also assists with setting up and implementing traffic management systems which is of primary concern for any industry involving heavy machinery.

We have the resources to complete a range of tasks up to and beyond 75% of the machine’s capabilities. We have multiple racking systems up to 4.5m high, dynamic, and non-dynamic loads, loads supported by gluts and dunnage, pallets, IBC’s and timber loads. We have indoor and outdoor driving areas so that students can adjust to environmental conditions and obstacle courses that prepare students for industry skill requirements.

We are transparent in our dealings with our clients

Our students are completely informed via our website and student handbook before they enrol in a program with us. We don’t wait until you have booked and paid to inform you of your responsibilities. We give you the information to make an informed decision prior to enrolling.

We have no hidden fees or charges. Students are advised of all costs ahead of commencing a course with us.

We have a thorough and vigorous training system to ensure students have the required knowledge and skills to pass their licence assessment. If any student completing the standard course ever requires a licence re-assessment, we will organise this free of charge.

We have a strong and proven history of providing exceptional support to students who struggle with language, literacy and/or numeracy.

We are flexible

We have a 2-day advanced course that is suitable for students who have current forklift driving experience and can absorb and retain the theory component prior to course commencement.

We have the infrastructure in place to be able to conduct compliant training and assessment in the workplace itself. The course can then be tailored to meet specific organisational training needs whilst offering flexibility to meet productivity demands.

We understand that people have busy work schedules and sometimes struggle to find time for training. For this reason, when there is demand, we will run courses over the weekend.