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If you are booking into a course with Assess to Lift Pty Ltd please download the reference material and complete the online forms at your earliest convenience.

It is recommended that you download and review the reference material before completing application forms to make sure that this is the right course for you.



Participant Information Guide (PDF)

This document outlines your rights and responsibilities. It is important to review this document before booking into a course so that you are fully informed of expectations.

Evidence of Identity (PDF)

You will need certain types and quantities of Identification documents and/or cards when you sit a licencing assessment. This document will help you to check if you have everything you need.

Assess to Lift - Attendee Information Face to Face Courses 

This document will give you all the relevant details for your course such as location, time, what to bring etc.



Enrolment Application Form

All students enrolling in a course at Assess to Lift Pty Ltd are required to complete this form.

USI Application (Through your RTO)

Please complete this form if you would like Assess to Lift Pty Ltd to create or search your USI on your behalf. Further information regarding USI’s can be found in the enrolment application form and the Participant Information Guide.

Application for Experienced Course

Please complete this form if you would like to enrol in the advanced 2 day course. The enrolment application form will still need to be completed in addition to this form.

Third Party Payment Form

This form is for third parties funding courses for a student. It is only required where the student will be funded by somebody other than themselves. This form is not to be completed by the student but by the third party themselves.